Wishing Well


Think it. Wish it. Believe it. Receive it.

A Wishing Well that is available anywhere, any time, with the power of Wish Tracking Services ®

Making a mindful wish can be difficult...

Studies have shown that we have over 60k thoughts a day! This creates a challenge when determining what it is that we truly want and desire. The Wishing Well provides you with a place to organize your thoughts and forces you to make a conscience decision. 

How many times have you had a good thought and simply let it pass you by? How many times have you decided to make a change in your life only to forget about it and why you even wanted change in the first place? How many times have you said one day I’ll have that , or do that, and then not act in accordance with your desires? You’re not alone, in fact, this is common practice for everyone. 

The Wishing Well provides an outlet for the average individual to take control of these common occurrences and make extraordinary events happen in their lives. With the Wishing Well you get to proclaim your wish, have a documented record of it, and be reminded, daily if you so chose, why you created your wish to begin with!  

Benefits Of Making A Wish!

Wish Guidance

Gain access to a detailed guidebook and hand picked resources for making meaningful wishes that will increase the probability of your wishes coming true!

Wish Reminders

We keep you posted about your wishes so that you say focused on them. We do this with email and text message capabilities, so that you can expect great things to come!

Wish Tracking

With our customary Wish Tracking Service® you can keep track of your wishes, money invested, and your wish success rate!

Here's What a Few of Our Wish Makers Have to Say!

"I love this concept! I often think of things that I want to do or achieve and Wish Tracking helps me organize my ideas and see them through."
John Paredes
"I never would have thought that a virtual well would help me so much. I suggest anyone who is looking for inspiration and motivation to give this a try!"
Kaci Miller
"I truly didn't believe there would be any significance of wishing into an online portal until I did it. When my first wish came true, I was amazed!"
Tigran Anlian

Explore Our Features!

  • Unlimited Wishes

    There is no cap to how many wishes you would like to make or the amount that you deem necessary.

  • Wish Tracking Services

    With our Wish Tracking tool you can keep tabs on your wishes and just how much substance you have put behind them.

  • Wish Sharing

    You have the option to post your wish to the wishing log for insipraton or keep it intimate as some wishes must be.

  • Multiple payment methods

    We offer the security of Paypal, Stripe, Venmo, and all major credit card companies.

  • The Wish Helpline

    Our team has put together a Wish Helpline to help you on your wish making journey and to help guide your intentions.

  • Auto Wish Regeneraton

    With Auto Wish Regeneration your wish can gain substance by adding daily, weekly, or monthly donations automatically.

  • Daily Wish Reminders

    An tool for you to be reminded of your wish and to make sure you are acting in alignment with your desires!

  • Customer Support

    Our team is dedicated to meeting your expectations and are eagar to assist you on your wish achieving journey!


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